Saas or Open Source: Which Type of Enterprise E-Commerce Platform Should You Consider?

//Saas or Open Source: Which Type of Enterprise E-Commerce Platform Should You Consider?

It is agreeable. Your online success kicks off when you choose the right e-commerce platform. You get the right features and functionalities that help you to realize your objectives. Also, you have a suitable platform for listing your products and engaging your customers effectively. Particularly, for a large-scale business operator, considering a reliable enterprise e-commerce platform can take you to places. Such platform enhances your ordering and fulfillment activities. It streamlines your transactions.

However, finding the right e-commerce solution for the enterprise level business is not a walk in the park. Yur face a lot of challenges. If you aren’t observant, you can easily fall into the hands of fraudsters. Apart from this, choosing between the SaaS and open source platforms can be hectic. Also, when you consult experts, they will offer you differing opinion. If you are finding it hectic to make the right decision, you are in the right place. This article presents an analysis of the SaaS and open source platforms to enable you to make an informed decision:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise e-commerce platforms

The SaaS or hosted platforms are e-commerce solutions which come with pre-designed features. By this, it means you do not have to build your site from scratch. Also, your online store establishment is simple and short. You do not have to engage experts or require additional technical knowledge to build your e-commerce website. The shortened process saves your cost and time.

Again, since it is a software where you rent a space, you do not have the mandate of updating or maintaining it. The provider takes up these responsibilities. Hence, you always experience the best and new features as well as enjoy enhanced security. However, the SaaS enterprise e-commerce platforms have their downfalls. For instance, they have limited customizations which injure your opportunity to stand out. Also, you do not have the ultimate freedom of choosing the look of your online store as you must use the availed templates. This aspect may hinder your success.

Open-source enterprise e-commerce platforms

This platform allows you to develop a website of your likes and preferences. You have an opportunity to accesses the back-end codes. As such, you can modify, alter or tweak them to conform to your likes and preferences.  Also, you have a chance to build a site that is unique and hard for your competitors to copy. However, you need to have some coding knowledge. Also, you carry the burden of maintaining your website and enhancing its security. Hence, you must dig deeper on your pocket to keep advancing.