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Wondering where you can find a scalable software solution that will offer the same features as Magento or Shopify Plus? Here are top 3 ecommerce platforms to consider!

Sooner or later you may face budgetary constraints. Even the large businesses and enterprises experience financial troubles from time to time. If you are in such a situation, maybe it is time for you to consider your business to a scalable ecommerce software solution. If your budget can’t support your current needs and ambitious, maybe it is time for you to reconsider your options and find a platform that is more suitable for your budget and finances.

Wondering where you can find a scalable software solution that will offer the same features and functionalities as Magento and Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus and Magento are two of the best enterprise ecommerce platforms, however, they both come with a hefty price tag. If you can’t allow Shopify Plus or Magento right now, maybe it is better if you consider other options.

In this enterprise ecommerce platform comparison, we will share 3 scalable ecommerce platforms that you can take into considerations:

1. IBM WebSphere:

You’ve probably heard by now about IBM. This is a leading software provider that allows large-scale sellers to move their stores to the digital world. This platform has designed the enterprise ecommerce solution IBM WebSphere. It comes with 4 different plans that you can choose from. The first one is Commerce Cloud, a plan suitable for retailers with a goal to reach out to online shoppers within a short period of time. Considering the fact it is in the cloud, you know it is a scalable solution and allows your shoppers to access your website quickly, regardless of their location. The second plan is WebSphere Commerce Express and this is the perfect option if you are planning to digitize your small and growing or mid-size business. The third plan is WebSphere Commerce Enterprise and this is the ideal plan for enterprises running a variety of online stores. The last plan or WebSphere Commerce comes equipped with a professional edition and it is perfect for mid-size stores with a goal to exploit cross-channel customer interactions.

2. ATG Web Commerce:

Another ecommerce solution built for large retailers. Designed by Oracle, ATG Web Commerce is a reliable and scalable software solution to anchor your online store. It has a flexible architecture and allows the sellers to add preferable integrations. You can easily connect your store with other integrations to improve the performance and productivity without spending extra. The platform can support your goal of selling across different sales channels. It comes equipped with multi-site features for managing your assets, listings, and categories. ATG Web Commerce scales properly with the demand of your online business. By using this platform, you can create a compelling and customized shopping experience.

3. Intershop:

The third option for you to consider instead Magento or Shopify Plus is Intershop – the ecommerce platform with the most trending features. Some of the features offered are product information management, omnichannel marketing, merchandise functionalities, analytical tools, and more. The platform also offers organizational features that allow you to manage the sales channels. Intershop offers 3 plans to choose from enterprise, cloud, and managed. You can go through all three plans and see what’s suit your business the most.

If Magento or Shopify Plus are too expensive for you, you can always consider these 3 options. Even though they are not as good as Shopify Plus, you can always come back and move to Shopify.

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